Global one-stop-shop for turnkey post-mortem solutions

For more than a century, HYGECO has been the point of reference for professionals in the funeral sector. Relying on its know-how and being a pioneer in the field of embalming, HYGECO offers a wide range of innovative, tailor-made solutions and products to equip a funeral complex or medical facility by providing all the required equipment and products to ensure optimal functioning. The satisfaction of our customers is our priority. Thus, we make sure to apply the highest quality standards to the products and services we offer.

Hygeco was founded in 1887 in Paris, by Louis Marette. The company’s initial business was the disinfection of mattresses for hospitals. Very quickly, the needs in terms of funeral equipment led him to open new branches. Today, the HYGECO group remains a trusted partner and leader in its field of activity, offering a wide range of services, products and solutions for both the funeral and the medical sector. Its two production units, in France and Germany, allow the design, manufacture and installation of tailor-made, post-mortem equipment for mortuary and funeral chambers, forensic medicine institutes, human and veterinary anatomy laboratories as well as research centres.

Our funeral services

HYGECO with its service “Post Mortem Assistance”. Experte in post-mortem services : the preparation of the deceased, sanitary care and removal of pacemakers, transport of bodies before and lying-in state, disinfection (only in France), and assistance in case of disasters and accidents.

Our funeral products

Hygeco offers a wide range of products and consumables specifically for funeral operators. Whether they are products for transporting the deceased, for their preparation, for their presentation or for their cremation.

Our funeral equipement

Hygeco designs, manufactures and installs all the equipment required for the operation of a funeral home in accordance with the latest standards. Cold rooms, presentation lounges, preparation room for the deceased or disaster solutions. Hygeco offers a complete range of custom-made equipment, all turnkey installations

Our medical solutions

Thanks to its engineering office, the HYGECO Group offers innovative solutions for the preservation of bodies and anatomical subjects, autopsy, dissection, macroscopy and research of human and veterinary anatomy.

HYGECO partner in your projects

Do you have a project in mind to create, renovate or extend a funeral home? We will be at your side for the successful implementation of your requests. In addition to our funerary equipment, we also offer medical solutions. For all your projects do not hesitate to contact us : Contact US